Bio-Resources, Inc. – An Environmental Consulting Firm

Bio-Resources, Inc. (BRI) was founded to serve the natural resource needs of both private industry and government agencies, and has been in the business of natural resource planning and consulting since 1978. During this time, BRI has earned a reputation as a competent and competitive environmental consulting firm. We work with clients to assist them in meeting the requirements of various local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations, and contribute through this work to a growing understanding of the natural heritage of North America.

Environmental Research Projects

BRI has completed hundreds of small-scale projects and many medium to large-scale projects requiring National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance. Our projects have included studies of wildlife, plants, threatened and endangered species, and wetlands, as well as larger multidisciplinary studies and environmental inspection services. Our work products have included Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) 12 Reports, Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) Plan of Development, Environmental Assessments, Biological Assessments, wetland delineations, mitigation plans, noxious weed plans, and reclamation plans.

Natural Resource Database

Since 1989, a major focus of the firm has been large or otherwise complex projects, including multi-state linear pipeline projects. We have conducted work in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, California, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota and Iowa. BRI and key staff have consistently contributed to the natural resource database for these regions.

Natural Resource Compliance and Environmental Inspection Services

BRI has built a list of regular clients, primarily in the energy industry, who routinely contract with us for natural resource compliance work and environmental inspection services. We have also completed projects related to mining, transportation and land development.

We maintain certifications from federal and state agencies to conduct wetland delineations and surveys for a number of threatened and endangered species, including California and Mexican spotted owls, California gnatcatcher, black-footed ferret, Preble's meadow jumping mouse, southwestern willow flycatcher, and mountain plover.

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